KAYRA CONSULTING INC. is a Sales Consulting Agency  that helps companies improve or create business in North America and Europe. We are a committed team focused on service excellence, prompt communication and customer satisfaction.

With over 25 years of industrial sales expertise in various fields and their respective markets, we are a trusted partner that strives to deliver certainty to our customers.

Our dedicated managing team has the unique ability to provide sales consulting services in English, French, Romanian and Turkish.

We set new standards of excellence in everything we do, Partnership, Integrity and Excellence are our core values.

We serve the following Industries and Applications

- Spare Parts and Components for Needle Punching Machinery (Needle boards, Stitching Plates, Lamellas, Velour Brushes, Needle Removal Tools)

- Textile Machinery (Fiber and Hard Waste Recycling, Fiber Preparing, Quilting and Pillow filling  Machinery)

- Aluminum Extrusion/ Glass Industry (Roller Covers, Endless Belts, Pads, Spacer Sleeve - Kevlar/PBO/Kevlar&Carbon)

- NonWovens  (Fire Blockers for Rail, Aircraft and Transit seating)

- Rollers : Chrome Plated, Rubber&Polyurethane Coated, Aluminum, Calender, Embossing, Heating&Cooling ( Industries : Textiles, Nonwovens , Printing, Paper, Coating,  Packaging, Plastic Film , Pump Manufacturing )

- PVD, DLC and Thermospray Coatings (Automotive, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Food&Packaging - Stamping, Machining, Plastic Molding - Tools, Dies, Inserts)

Kayra Consulting offers Sales support and represents the following companies in North America :